How to care for your fresh flower arrangement

Fresh Flowers are a delight to behold. They bring nature a little closer to your beautiful home. These are a few tips to get it to last as long as possible.

Get fresh flowers. As most of the flowers are imported, ask the florist that you buy from when the flower stock came in and when it was prepared.

Re-hydrate your arrangement by spraying the leaves and flowers with water daily. You can also add liquid fertilizer to the bottle of water as you fertilize your arrangement. This will give the flowers and leaves a boost that will make it last longer.

Change out the water every second day (minimum) to refresh the water. Cut the end of the stems every 2 days so that the flowers can access fresh water. Doing this will substantially prolong the life of your cut flowers by another 2 to 3 days if done regularly. Flowers like hydrangea last really long with care.

It is important to keep them out of sunlight and heat as this will cause your flowers to get dehydrated and start to wilt.

I hope these tips will help you enjoy your blooms longer.




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